Minor Septic Repairs – The main reason a septic system is malfunctioning is due to the lack of proper maintenance. However, instead of finger-pointing, Applied Pumping is fully trained and certified to provide the right repairs to the septic system.

When your septic system breaks down, you need fast emergency service from someone who knows what they're doing. Applied Pumping & Septic, Inc. is a local certified professional ready to provide you with septic system repairs. Make us your first call to deal with unwanted septic problems!

How does a Septic System work?

In a traditional septic system, all water and wastes carried by that water flows down the home's drain system and through one main sewer pipe to the septic tank. The flow of waste water may be a matter of simple gravity, or it may be enhanced with an electric pump. The septic tank holds the waste material long enough for the solids to settle to the bottom as oil, grease, and liquids — the scum later — float to the top. When the tank reaches capacity, the

liquids lying on top of the scum layer flow onward into a series of porous pipes to a drain field prepared with gravel and other aggregate that helps disperse the liquid waste. The liquids slowly filter down through the soil as bacterial action breaks down the pathogens. By the time the liquid waste filters down to groundwater supplies, it is virtually sterile.

Meanwhile, the solids in the tank break down under the affect of anaerobic bacteria, creating a sludgy material that collects in the bottom of the tank. If the bacterial action is effective, these solid wastes are greatly reduced in volume as they break down.


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